LemonChili on top of Latin America

During February’s last weekend, the Google Play Indie Games Festival Latam 2018 was celebrated in Sao Paulo. LemonChili Games, Renxo’s business unit dedicated to game development, was one of the awarded teams during the event, which gives recognition to the best indie mobile games. Floyd’s Sticker Squad, their first game, a shoot ‘em up loaded with action and surprises, was praised by the jury, and collected the prize.




Floyd’s Sticker Squad received one of the top awards.  To get there, the game faced thousands of participants, then the competition was narrowed down to 15 finalists, and Floyd reached the top 3.  Its specific characteristics separate it from the rest: a space-themed shoot ‘em up that takes the user through levels loaded with intense graphics and awesome music and effects.  A time travelling mechanics allows the user to replay levels with a squadron of Floyds in order to keep moving forward to the next levels. Lastly, one of the main components of the game is the collection of stickers to unlock bosses and new content.


The game already has 80,000 installations and this number is expected to be surpassed soon, as the prize of the festival is a feature in Google Play’s Indie Corner for America and EMEA (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa). Matías Negrotto, LemonChili’s Chief Marketing Officer commented: “(…) this experience is a big step in recognizing the talent of this region, not only ours, but also that of the finalists who participated in the event with high quality products and innovation.”


The business unit, LemonChili Games, was created two and a half years ago, with a team of 20 professionals, including game designers, artists, developers, sound designers and marketers. They are focused on creating games and apps of great quality for Android and iOS. Fernando Domínguez Sarmiento, Chief Creative Officer, states that “(…) the path has been and will always be innovation, ‘finding the way around in the industry’.  We’re entering an industry that is very advanced, competitive, and we believe that the only way to shine is with new ideas. At the moment, we’re moving forward by meeting with players (Apple, Google, and Nintendo) and the next step is participating in the Game Designers Conference (GDC), in San Francisco, California, where we’re presenting our new projects and will do networking with developers, operators and stores.”  It’s worth mentioning that the studio is currently working on two new products, a casual shooter with collectable characters and a recreational app, both tentively set for launch in April and June this year.