Landing in Africa


The alliance with Vodacom, leading mobile operator in the market, opens the doors of Africa. With this strategic union, Renxo has the opportunity to offer Value Added Services to more than 30 million customers in its hands, starting with the South African market, where the greatest progress and solidity in communications of the continent is presented. With this launch Vodacom users can access a platform of downloadable games with a variety of titles and genres, as well as enjoy carefully selected adult content that meets the quality standard that characterizes Renxo and its products.


Joao Grilo, Business Manager of Africa, expresses enthusiasm for this new challenge. “After landing in Asia and the South Pacific, Africa was the new bet. This is now a reality, and although we are new in the region, we have been preparing for this for 2 years. Good projects will come out.” The horizon is definitely promising.