Postr: customized offers

Created in 2014 to offer relevant content through highly segmented advertising, Postr brings benefits to companies / brands and customers, but especially to Operators. On the one hand, it increases ARPU, which is highly valued by the operator for pre-paid users, establishes a new channel of communication with the public, obtains customer data and increases trust, all at a low implementation cost. On the other hand, it brings relevant information to the user and even gives them prizes. Renxo noted the potential Postr has for Latin America and took the lead to become an exclusive partner for the region a few months ago. This way, the Telefonica-Postr-Renxo agreement guarantees upcoming launches in Central America, Colombia, Mexico, and possibly Chile.


“(…) Tier 1 companies on the other side of the world are beginning to choose us to establish regional agreements due to the number of Operators we cover in each zone. This also allows us to bring different products to the operators, from a different perspective, and to other areas”, says Eduardo Morais, a member of the Renxo International sales team.