Be Chef Launch: let’s set the table!

To learn how to cook, delight every family and innovate a little. Be Chef is a cooking app for iOS and Android, it offers really tasty recipes in videos shorter than a minute. It has constantly renewed content, it’s simple, easy and original. Grouped by categories (Healthy, Author’s, Deserts, Gourmet, Cocktails, among others), users can choose the recipes they like the most, and save them as favorites, upload and share pictures of their dishes with the rest of the Be Chef community. Moreover, they can rate videos so the contents are improved for each user. Users are able to search by keywords o by list of ingredients.


“Be Chef is a new, user-friendly multiplatform proposal that stimulates creativity in the kitchen. It is destined for a very competitive segment in the market, a very demanding audience that knows what they want.” Juan Ambrosini, Renxo’s Product Manager, is clear when introducing the product, stating that “(…) the proposal was to develop a video streaming product in order to consolidate our position in the Cooking vertical, with constant generation of original content, social tools and participation from the user, always in a safe and trusted environment.  We’re actually projecting exponential growth of our Latin-American and US Hispanic audience with rapid expansion to European and Asian territories”


Definitely, Renxo reaffirms the commitment of offering high quality products and strengthen regional leadership.